As a Microsoft shareholder I’ve been opposed to Mono.

Not as technology, but as theft of Microsoft’s Technology. [Personal opinion, not a statement of Microsoft’s Position.]

Now, before the attack start – just Google Me. I’m as active in Open Source Developer Technologies as I am in Closed Source.

For developers who seek to actively avoid Microsoft technology, I respect their choice, so (and ESPECIALLY where Mono is concerned.)

  1. Stop being mad at Microsoft for choosing not to ship products on Linux.
  2. Do YOUR OWN thing on Linux or cross-platform, but don’t try to do OUR thing on Linux.

So, philosophically, I think Mono is both theft and hypocritical.

(Ok, NOW you can attack.)

But, politics aside – you really gotta give Miguel de Icaza big credit. He’s keeps doing really significant stuff.

Gnome (of which he’s the co-founder) kicks butt and has surpassed KDE as the popular Linux Desktop, Mono, whatever one thinks of the politics, is significant (and amazing when you consider the size of the development team), and NOW………


Quite an accomplishment.