I installed Yahoo’s Browser Plus and run it though it’s paces today (few passes as they are in the current preview.)

This download is a quick 4 Megs and it installs theĀ  VC++ 2005 Redistributeable.

Due to what are primarily described as security concerns the use of BrowserPlus is currently restricted so that it will only run of Yahoo’s own web properties.

There are 2 demos…..

  1. A File Uploader
  2. An IRC client
  3. A JSON Inspector.

Clearly we, as web developers, have a growing understanding that we need more than what the browser offers, at least in specific scenarios.

But why Yahoo Browser Plus.

Yahoo more or less describes the effort as a philanthropic one, built and offered up for the good of the rich web, but I wonder is there some value I’m missing.

Silverlight and even Flash seem to me far more feature rich and, for that matter Google Gears and JavaFX also seem more promising.

It’s the new web so I’m always interested in what it will take to build the next great ASP.NET application.

Check out and let me know what I’m missing.