Some time ago I tweeted [ Follow Me ] that you could write ASP.NET applications without using Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC

Frameworks are a convenience !  Web Forms, MVC, Cake, Symphony, etc.

So what if you want to use the power of the .NET framework, but want complete control over the client code and don’t want to be forced to use the MVC pattern.

No Problem – ASP.NET and Web Forms are not synonymous !!

Look at these 2 “Hello World” applications.

PHP Hello World

   1: <html xmlns="">

   2: <head>

   3:     <title></title>

   4: </head>

   5: <body>

   6:   <?php

   7:     echo ("This is a test !");

   8:   ?> 

   9: </body>

  10: </html>

ASP.NET Hello World.

   1: <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

   2: <html xmlns="">

   3: <head runat="server">

   4:     <title></title>

   5: </head>

   6: <body>

   7:     <% Response.Write("This is a test !"); %>

   8: </body>

   9: </html>

On the ASP.NET side, I could include YUI or jQuery and still use ASP.NET controls if I wanted or not use any server side controls and even turn off view-state.

If you don’t have call response.write you can even use the short hand …

<%= "This is a test !" %>

I can still code to the page lifecycle events if I want, or, code for top-to-bottom execution as seen above !

Form and Query String Variables are all accessible via the request object (and tons of other stuff)

Give it a try !