Over the years I’m done hundreds of videos showing tips, tricks, techniques and methods for building ASP.NET applications.

One drawback of videos, especially as we move toward Hi-Def is that there is still much of the world’s developers lack the bandwidth to view streaming videos.

Some folks have he band width at work but not at home, etc.

So lately I’ve had this application in my head.

It’s a Windows Desktop application (and maybe a Windows Phone 7  application) that starts as large index into Developer content.

The content would be organized into “curriculum based learning” so that it could be referenced piece by piece or by a group as a syllabus.

Off course the index would all be searchable by category, tag, and keyword.

The app could contain and deliver video, audio, code, and written content and be capable of interactive learning modules (finish he module take a quiz, etc.)

The application would manage downloading in “the background” as bandwidth was available. (Either via an http server configured for presumable downloads or via a pre-seeded BitTorrent.

When all the assets for the curriculum are downloaded the user would get a notification that the material is ready for them.

New content would be feed by RSS/RDF and the application would sync an on line profile so that uses could keep track of what materials they have consumed and what they have not.

Anyway, it’s a rough idea and I wanted to ask people what they thought of it?