So here I sit in an airport again.

LaGuardia this time in NYC (Ajax World ended yesterday)

Every flight I’ve been scheduled on in the last 2 weeks has been either canceled or delayed. (A total of 7 cancelations.)

Judging by the announcements, there are more late or canceled US Air flights than there are ones that are leaving on (or close to) time.

The “reasons” vary. No crew, maintenance, no plane, bla bla bla.

I wish 2 things.

1.) When the airline screws up and costs me time, they should have to compensate me somehow.

2.) The rest of us should be able to call ouselves if we atain the average performance level of the airlines.

Some of the fun ?

Most of the airline reps seem to have no interest is solving the problems that their company creates, most airlines don’t even HAVE customer service stations in airports anymore. (Or they are only staffed from 9 – 5).

On the up side – the more air trvael hurts the more popular LiveMeeting gets.

Still, it sucks to spend 1/4 of your work week sitting in an airport, looking for a place to plug in your laptop and wishing you were home playing with your children.