Ever wonder who you should follow is you wanted to stay on top of the ASP.NET team’s ongoing work.

Here is the list of “Mover’s and shakers” !

Web Deploy, MSBuild, ASP.NET web project: Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

Twitter – @sayedihashimi

Blog – http://sedodream.com/

HTML & CSS editors, Optimization: Mads Kristensen

Twitter – @mkristensen

Blog – http://madskristensen.net

Visual Studio & ASP.NET: Vishal Joshi

Twitter – @VishalRJoshi

Blog – http://vishalrjoshi.com/

ASP.NET Design View: Jorge Gabuardi

Twitter – @jorgegabuardi

ASP.NET: Scott Hunter

Twitter – @coolcsh

Blog – http://blogs.msdn.com/b/scothu/

MVC / NuGet: Phil Haack

Twitter – @haacked

Blog – http://haacked.com/

Web Pages / Razor: Erik Porter

Twitter – @humancompiler

Blog – http://erikporter.com/

Web Platform and Tools Community: Scott Hanselman

Twitter – @shanselman

Blog  – http://www.hanselman.com/blog/

Web Forms / jQuery: Damian Edwards

Twitter – @DamianEdwards

Blog – http://damianedwards.wordpress.com/

Scaffolding / Mobile: – Steve Sanderson

Twitter – @stevensanderson

Blog – http://blog.stevensanderson.com/