I’ve met the Ektron guys several times at various events and they make a super product (CMS400)  – not to mention have some very cool stuff on their site.


I wanted to take a closer look at the product (ad discuss some other opportunities) so I went to their web site and used the sales department’s email alias listed on their web site.


Here’s what came back to in me:


Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:



5.2.2:  Your e-mail was not delivered to all intended recipients. The recipient’s mailbox is full so they will need to delete items in order to be able to receive e-mail again. You may be able to reach the recipient with a smaller message size. 


The following organization rejected your message: n109.sc0.cp.net.


I know, I know, stuff happens, but left we forget – customers rule.


I had a discussion with my manager last week (Simon Muzio) in which he thought I was a little nuts about my email habit.


While I get about 1000 email a day – my rule of thumb is that I don’t put my head on the pillow until I can see ALL my unanswered email with out scrolling the in-box window in outlook. (Which sometimes means late nights !)


Anyway – hope someone at Ektron reads my blog