I received an email yesterday asking why I was “Frustrated by Design”.

Well. When I joined Microsoft in 2001 I had just sold a company and didn’t need a job for financial reasons (my wife and I have had children since then, so now I actually HAVE to work).

I had actually planned to start another company but the Sept 11th terrorist attacks happened in 2001 and changed my plans.

I could have gone to work for either IBM or Microsoft and I choose Microsoft because I thought it would be more fun.

And, because I hate when people just sit back a complain about what other SHOULD have done without being will to “put their feet in the pond” themselves.

My friends all thought I was nutz and asked me about my decision to join Microsoft, “You spent 20 years being part of the solution, what makes you want to go be part of the problem !?”

It’s very liberating to work for a company when you can actually afford to get fired 🙂

It’s part of my wiring to be a little idealistic. Joining Microsoft I still believed that one person could make improvements and drive changes.

One of my managers in the early years at Microsoft (Mike O) observed that I was constantly frustrated when a group would simply be satisfied with the status quo. He said that I was “Frustrated by Design”.

Seven years later I’m STILL Frustrated by Design, but still an idealist.