Software Developer Links of the Week.
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  2. Google – Downloads Extensions API Proposal
  3. Will Microsoft compensation changes help retain employees?
  4. Ubuntu Linux bets on the ARM server
  5. How the Cloud Can Solve Security Problems
  6. Windows Azure – Authenticate ASP.Net Azure Web Application using Google Credentials
  7. How open source is transforming the publishing industry
  8. 10 freeware to boost office productivity
  9. Are frameworks making developers dumb?
  10. Poll: What is the future of desktop app development?
  11. American IT workers file suit for jobs lost due to outsourcing
  12. How to Communicate Between Two Local Silverlight Applications?
  13. HTML5 WebWorkers Experiment
  14. Offline Gmail Desktop App Tut
  15. Configuring Flash Builder 4.5 for iOS Development
  16. New HP TouchPad owners go get your free 50GB of lifetime cloud storage
  17. 4G could produce 771,000 new jobs in U.S. by 2016
  18. iPad 3 with hi-res display coming early 2012, says WSJ
  19. How to Validate ASP.NET Web Forms Using a Business Rules Engine
  20. Consuming a Web Service .NET with VB6.0 App
  21. Skype Acquiring Startup GroupMe for Group Text Messaging
  22. Installing Linux on old PC’s
  23. Hail the return of native code and the resurgence of C++
  24. Microsoft vs. Motorola: A look ahead to next week’s ITC patent trial
  25. webOS hardware dead, PC business could be spun off
  26. Creating a Desktop Application for Facebook, using the GraphAPI and VB.NET
  27. Learn How To Use the JSONP Data Format With jQuery
  28. A First Look at Adobe Edge, an HTML5-based Animation Tool
  29. Firefox 6: 4 Reasons to Upgrade
  30. Poll: If HP is out of the PC business where will you get your next PC?
  31. HTML5: Drawing images and adding text to the canvas element
  32. HTML5 for the ASP.NET Developer
  33. WordPress powers 14.7 percent of top million sites worldwide
  34. The HTML5 Paradigm Shift–Don’t Miss The Next Wave
  35. Calling ASP.NET MVC Action Methods from JavaScript
  36. Is Samsung Quietly Backing Away From Android?
  37. Speedy Firefox 7 Enters Beta
  38. Microsoft Asks For An Import Ban On Motorola Smartphones
  39. Introduction to Offline Web Applications Using HTML5
  40. 5 Ways to Migrate Applications to the Cloud
  41. TouchDroid Will Turn TouchPads Into Android Tablets
  42. Linus Torvalds on Android, the Linux fork
  43. With HP out of the PC business, which vendor becomes Microsoft’s new champion?
  44. 11 hard truths about HTML5
  45. Domain Name Suggests New Kindle Will Have Stylus
  46. Scott Guthrie to Lead Azure Application Platform Team
  47. Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Attitudes
  48. Best practices to architect applications in the IBM Cloud
  49. 11 Ways get more traffic traffic to your site.
  50. Mishra Google Desktop Reader