Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Using Windows authentication in ASP.NET Web Pages 
  2. HTML5 apps vs. native apps: Amazon, choose both
  3. PouchDB: A Portable Implementation of CouchDB in JavaScript
  4. Linux snickers at Microsoft’s victory declaration
  5. Profiling JavaScript 101 Using IE9 Developer Tools
  6. CSS Gridlock
  7. 15 surefire ways to speed up your site
  8. A generic Image-From-DB class for ASP.NET
  9. Delete Functionality in GridView with Confirmation using JQuery UI Dialog
  10. Rethinking CSS Grids
  11. Generate CSS sprites and thumbnail images on the fly in ASP.NET sites
  12. 13 reasons why CSS-based layouts are superior to table-based layouts.
  13. Using The JQuery Tooltip Plugin in a GridView
  14. 10 things you can do to improve your Web site right now
  15. ELMAH in the GAC – Using ELMAH from the Global Assembly Cache
  16. Grids, tables, CSS
  17. 9 Solutions to Export Data to Excel for ASP.NET
  18. To Be Tabled
  19. Multiple Fileupload for ASP.NET with Client Side Resizing of Images
  20. The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST
  21. AsyncMethods – An Improvement on Microsoft’s ScriptMethods
  22. Backbone.js Screencast – Introduction and Views
  23. Invoke Server Methods From Client Side Using JQuery AJAX in ASP.NET
  24. The Perfect 404
  25. Jon Papa’s Perspective Debuts
  26. 11 hard truths about HTML5
  27. Use jQuery.extend() to “construct” your JavaScript Objects from Server Objects
  28. Load Data From Server While Scrolling Using JQuery AJAX
  29. Red Hat CEO: Google, Facebook owe it all to Linux, open source
  30. Where does my MacBook Air leave my tablets?
  31. REST.NET – Add REST RPC API to your ASP.NET Application
  32. Underscore.js
  33. How Browsers Work
  34. web2Project
  35. What motivates developers?
  36. Why HP’s latest move was more ballsy than moronic
  37. Facebook not-so-secretly records your stalking habits
  38. Microsoft: Here’s what caused our cloud outage this week
  39. Windows 8 on a Mac: why Microsoft should write its own Boot Camp
  40. American IT workers file suit for jobs lost due to outsourcing
  41. A touch-friendly Windows 8 is least of Microsoft’s tablet problems
  42. HP’s PC, WebOS bombshells: Opportunities or warning signs for Google?
  43. Linus Torvalds on Android, the Linux fork
  44. With HP out of the PC business, which vendor becomes Microsoft’s new champion?
  45. IBM produces first working chips modeled on the human brain
  46. Does working at Microsoft really turn your brain numb?
  47. webOS is dead, long live webOS
  48. WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S.
  49. Cranking your HTML5 site to 11!
  50. Google Improves ‘Native Client’ for HTML 5 Web Apps