Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. AntiSec Hackers Steal, Post Police Data
  2. Microsoft offers ‘mad loot’ Bluehat prize to entice security developers
  3. Some People Understand REST and HTTP
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  5. HTML 5 or Silverlight?
  6. Security in the Mobile App World Takes Patience
  7. Using HTTP status codes in a REST service
  8. Has Microsoft gotten better at security or just less relevant?
  9. Are Google’s Best Days Behind It?
  10. If IT spending plummets, blame your politicians
  11. Create your own Android sound board
  12. Poll: Where does VB.NET stand?
  13. Manage blog data via the Blogger Data API
  14. Mobile developer survey pushes Android, iOS as enterprise winners
  15. Apple secures injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab in E.U.
  16. Are your search engine queries being hijacked?
  17. Copyright Trolls: 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued Since 2010
  18. So, You’re Being Sued for Piracy
  19. 4 Reasons Windows Phone 7 Will Beat iPhone and Android
  20. Why Linux
  21. Skype Details Its Future With Microsoft And Facebook
  22. Comment 11 inShare153 Developers Frustrated By Android Market Payment Issues
  23. Book Publishing Is Growing; E-Book Revs and Sales Up Over 1000%
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  25. The demise of the low level Programmer.
  26. Lost Programming Skills
  27. Microsoft Has A Higher Credit Rating Than The Country In Which It Does Business
  28. The tech IPO delays have begun
  29. The Most Important Parts of HTML5
  30. You Win! An EF 4.1 Update to Programming Entity Framework is In the Works!
  31. Economic Meltdown Impacts IT Plans
  32. Why Did Facebook Buy Push Pop Press?
  33. How to Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle Ebook
  34. Platform smartness in the US
  35. Amazon’s unveils web-based Kindle cloud reader
  36. WCF: Creating Long-Running Services
  37. Security : It’s getting worse
  38. Task List feature of Visual Studio framework
  39. Communicating Between Two Local Silverlight Applications
  40. Html 5 Controls for ASP.Net MVC
  41. WEBINAR: Introducing “PaaS in a Box”. Scalable, Flexible, Portable PHP in the Cloud.
  42. The interview and answering the no-win question
  43. iPads replace menus at Atlanta eatery
  44. Apple’s EU legal win could prevent all OEMs from building tablets
  45. Who makes the best Windows security software?
  46. FTC broadens Google antitrust probe to include Android
  47. Google’s Chrome operating system gets a much needed update
  48. Read Text Files Using the JavaScript FileReader
  49. JavaScript debugging tools move forward
  50. On the Cutting Edge with Adobe’s Edge