Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Amazon Tablet Set to Battle iPad in Fall
  2. HTML5: The next generation of web design
  3. Chromebooks: Not Flops!
  4. What is Microsoft Lightswitch ?
  5. HP officially launches webOS TouchPad … again?
  6. Microsoft offering $250,000 reward for Rustock botnet info
  7. Microsoft moves forward with ‘Roslyn’ compiler as a service project
  8. A Facebook warning call: NYT says Google+ gets privacy right
  9. With Borders dead, what’s going to happen with Kobo?
  10. Dual-boot your Nook Color with Android using a micro-SD card, $35
  11. iPad tweak adds support for multiple users
  12. Archos’ G9 tablets get release date, priced starting at $300
  13. Released Mvc Controls Toolkit 1.2.0 RTW
  14. The next battlefield: Cyberspace and military readiness
  15. Cloud Security Debate Continues
  16. Companies: Hire social media strategists and let loose cannons fly
  17. Social coding — the next wave in development
  18. Mono, open-source .NET for Android, Linux and iOS, lives on
  19. SUSE Studio 1.2 ships, SUSE Linux chief to roll out full cloud strategy soon
  20. CSS3 Preview: Tables and Grids
  21. A Sneak Peak: Google+ Resources for Web Developers
  22. Review : Alienware M11x
  23. Don’t look now, but Microsoft is starting to morph into a three-headed cash cow
  24. Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit 10 re-writes the text editor
  25. JSON.SQL: A CLR-resident JSON serializer/deserializer for SQL Server
  26. Don’t be the victim in your career
  27. Fujitsu unveils dual-boot Windows 7/Symbian powered smartphone
  28. 10 things you should never say on the job
  29. Java Use Increases Among Developers Worldwide
  30. JavaScript – Foundation of the Language
  31. JavaScript Creator Says the Language Wasn’t Just Dumb Luck
  32. Podcasts: Who still listens to them?
  33. Google Warns 1 Million PCs Hit by Search Hijack
  34. Five reasons Android is superior to the iPhone
  35. Microsoft’s MS-DOS is 30 today
  36.  Tablets for Back to School
  37. Why Twitter Is Obsolete
  38. 40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users
  39. Apps vs the Web
  40. Good programmers make bad designers
  41. The M in MVC: Why Models are Misunderstood and Unappreciated
  42. Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko: A Windows Phone OS competitor or something else?
  43. Our security auditor is an idiot
  44. Is Android Losing Appeal With Developers?
  45. Styles in WPF
  46. LINQ to XML in a Nutshell
  47. What Happened to Software Engineering?
  48. NoSQL standouts: New databases for new applications
  49. A skinned dialog in Python and MFC
  50. Use the GUI version of Check Disk to analyze the condition of your hard disks