Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Symantec Compares Apple’s iOS and Android Security
  2. How to Create a Podcast RSS Feed in .NET
  3. Android for .NET Developers – Custom Dialogs and Local Storage
  4. Why your next language better be C++
  5. Poll: Are you nervous about your applications’ security?
  6. Socket Programming in C#
  7. Google+ vs. Facebook: See How They Compare
  8. Another legal quandary: Intellectual property and your social media contacts
  9. 10 reasons to stay in IT
  10. Samsung Sells 3 Million Galaxy S II Android Phones
  11. AT&T/T-Mobile: Why this New Monopoly is Bad for Consumers
  12. Database Architect versus Data Architect
  13. Google+ Changes the Social Media Game for Business
  14. From Text To Business Insight: All About Enterprise Text Analytics
  15. Instant email: how we made Hotmail 10x faster
  16. 7 cloud services compared: How much control do you give up?
  17. Why I switched from Dropbox to Windows Live Mesh
  18. Are social media and mobile app jobs just fads?
  19. iOS gaming is where the money’s at for mobile developers
  20. What do iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors mean for business users?
  21. iOS vs. Android race is too close to call
  22. The Post-PC era will be a multi-platform era
  23. 20 things that drive web developers crazy
  24. JavaScript is Assembly Language for the Web: Sematic Markup is Dead!
  25. RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-to Guide
  26. Powerful IDE for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript DevelopmentĀ 
  27. Seven deadly sins of Web design
  28. Is Facebook already running scared of Google+?
  29. The Node Beginner Book
  30. Trigger file downloads with a MVC 3 controller action
  31. Advanced C# Programming: Developing IE Extensions
  32. Working with URL Routing in ASP.NET Web Forms
  33. 9 Things Google+ Needs for Me to Ditch Facebook
  34. 13 essential programming tools for the mobile Web
  35. Escape the App Store: 4 ways to create smartphone Web apps
  36. Delayed execution startup script
  37. Line2 converts your iPad into a phone for $10 a month
  38. HTML5: Creating a base template
  39. Get the ultimate Star Trek fan experience on your iPad
  40. Is Google replacing our memory?
  41. Can Facebook and Google+ Coexist?
  42. Html5 WebWorkers experiment
  43. 10 small Linux applications I can’t live without
  44. Apple sells 11 percent of all US computers last quarter, takes third place
  45. 5 Chrome Extensions That Improve Google+
  46. Libraries vs Frameworks
  47. MacBook Air coming next week with socketed 128GB SSDs
  48. Former Microsoft cloud chief resurfaces at EMC
  49. Apple deals massive patent blow to HTC, Android in serious trouble
  50. Top Five Linux Contributor: Microsoft