Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Why is JSON so popular? Developers want out of the syntax business.
  2. Is Microsoft Blowing Smoke When It Says It Won’t Be Hurt By the Cloud?
  3. Adobe gives designers the Edge with HTML 5 tool
  4. Overview of oData Protocol for Windows Phone
  5. Microsoft Sponsors NodeJS for Windows
  6. Making sense of Microsoft .NET and HTML5
  7. The State of the E-Textbook
  8. 10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions
  9. 10 Reasons For Quitting IT
  10. DesktopBrowser – A Web Based File Explorer for Media Desktops
  11. The Google+ Project: Google’s social network
  12. Sony unveils new 13.1-inch ultra-mobile VAIO Z
  13. Office 365 vs. Google Docs Showdown: Feature by Feature
  14. Has Unity Knocked Ubuntu Off Its Pedestal?
  15. Apple warned of phishing attack threat to iPhone, iPad and Mac OS developers
  16. I’m porting my AT&T number to Google Voice
  17. Google Debuts Flash-To-HTML5 Converter
  18. Microsoft’s Ballmer: And I’m telling you, I’m not going
  19. Turn your mobile device into a credit card terminal
  20. Organizational Charts
  21. Just a few lines of JavaScript connects to Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive
  22. IE10 Platform Preview 2 is Out with More HTML5 and CSS3 Goodness
  23. Your next job: Mobile app developer?
  24. HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers
  25. Developers: GitHub for Mac is available
  26. JavaScript is Dead. Long Live JavaScript!
  27. 10 ways the Linux community can fix the mess on the desktop
  28. Session and ViewState alternative
  29. Porting Node to Windows With Microsoft’s Help
  30. Web Attacks: Using Malicious JavaScript to Deliver Malware
  31. This is why your website sucks
  32. FBI seizes servers
  33. Understanding ASP.NET MVC Model Binding
  34. Three areas HP TouchPad trumps Apple iPad
  35. Twitter under investigation by Federal Trade Commission
  36. Hack Attacks Escalating? Here’s a Reality Check
  37. iPhone App – iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)
  38. The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace
  39. I don’t care about User Experience
  40. Discover the F12 developer tools in IE9
  41. Threat from Cyber Attacks Nearing Statistical Certainty
  42. My gripes with JavaScript
  43. How Mac OS X Lion will impact businesses using Macs
  44. You, yourself, and Google: Managing your personal search ranking
  45. How do you protect yourself from hacktivist groups?
  46. What’s with all the angry people on the web?
  47. Will Mango put Microsoft back in the smartphone game?
  48. On August 1st Google Apps will only be supported in modern browsers
  49. The decline of ‘open source’ as an identifying differentiator
  50. Job changes can be devastating