Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. C# Coding Standards document
  2. More epic fails involving Acer
  3. Windows Summit IE 9 Videos
  4. Extending the DataAdapter with a C# Helper Class
  5. Open your solution files as admin
  6. DaST Concept: A simpler, smarter, and much more powerful alternative to Forms and MVC.
  7. Spearphishing + zero-day: RSA hack not “extremely sophisticated”
  8. Firefox 5: Social Sharing, Home Tab, PDF Viewer, Tab Apps
  9. Toshiba trots out 3D-ready laptops with Intel, AMD CPU options
  10. Creating parent-child relationships between tables in ASP.NET MVC with jQuery
  11. Seagate Ships World’s Slimmest, Portable, External Hard Drive
  12. Paul Stovell – HTML vs. Silverlight vs. WPF
  13. Dell’s 10-inch Windows 7 tablet
  14. The Commodore 64 is back!
  15. Standards-based web, plug-ins, and Silverlight
  16. My Website Design Doesn’t Look The Same In All Browsers!
  17. 10,000-core Linux supercomputer built in Amazon cloud
  18. Firefox 4: A Developer’s Perspective
  19. How to Build Asteroids with the Impact HTML5 Game Engine
  20. XBox 360 Controllers Send Robots Into Fukushima Nuclear Plant
  21. 20 Years of Linux down
  22. Your Workplace in 2020: Gartner’s Predictions
  23. Building Your Network Online
  24. Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM — iPhone Dead In Water
  25. Novell’s Mono for Android enables .Net app dev on Android phones, tablets
  26. Microsoft Appoints Chris Capossela as Sr VP, Consumer Channels and Central Marketing
  27. Samsung Tablet Prices Cut Again in Rising Challenge to IPad
  28. Goodbye social media… welcome back mass-media
  29. Introduction to MonoDroid
  30. Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools
  31. Instant gratification for developers
  32. Microsoft Ajax Minifier
  33. Version history of the CLR 2.0
  34. Building a Leak-Proof Eventing Model
  35. Web Applications See Sharp Rise In Attacks
  36. 4 Reasons Your Boss Should Care About Social Media for SEO
  37. Microsoft clarifies HTML5 v Silverlight
  38. Five Reasons Why Microsoft Should Open More Stores
  39. WebGL + Node.js + WebSockets = A Web Technology Perfect Storm
  40. Useful JavaScript and jQuery Tools, Libraries, Plugins
  41. The JavaScript Disruption
  42. Soma – Building Better HTML5
  43. Developers welcome to submit apps optimized for Nook Color
  44. Homeland Security to issue terror alerts via Facebook, Twitter
  45. Google’s Chrome OS for tablets: More confusion for Android army?
  46. The perils of being big: Google’s reorg sounds familiar
  47. Adobe announces – Flex 4.5 and Adobe® Flash® Builder® 4.5
  48. Updated collection of great Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone Data Visualization resources!
  49. Adobe launches Creative Suite 5.5, ties tablets to Photoshop
  50. Tablet maker’s dilemma: cheap but different