Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Microsoft: Happy 36th birthday!
  2. April Fools! Evil Windows Dialog Prank
  3. Custom ASP.NET Routing to an HttpHandler
  4. Paste HTML Is Free Testing Ground For HTML, CSS, JavaScript Code
  5. Did the Microsoft Stack Kill MySpace?
  6. IE9’s Document Modes and JavaScript
  7. Eight Free Windows 7 Tools You Have to Try
  8. The .NET Facebook SDK
  9. On MVC Routing
  10. Layouts and Partial Views in Razor
  11. Java founder James Gosling joins Google
  12. Getting Started With The SDL Threat Modeling Tool
  13. MVVM# Episode 1
  14. MSDN Virtual Lab Express: HTML 5 Video
  15. How to programmatically launch Debugger in a remote machine
  16. Online Banking Solution Benefits after ASP.NET MVC Replaces Ruby on Rails, Linux
  17. Multithread Programming in Silverlight 4
  18. Displaying JSON in your Browser
  19. Deep into ASP.NET 4.0 SEO Goodies
  20. ASP.NET: Obfuscating the Querystring
  21. Creating an Up and Down Voting User Interface
  22. ASP.NET Request Identity – An Analysis
  23. NuGet 1.2 Release
  24. JavaScript for C# developers
  25. The Keyboard for REAL Developers !

  1. Anatomy of an Attack
  2. Osborne – The First Personal Computer 30 years later.
  3. Java versus JavaSCRIPT
  4. Cool CSS Tool – CSSPrefixer
  5. JavaScript Creator And Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich To Advise
  6. An Argument for Memory Profiling for Your .NET Applications
  7. Google’s Answer to the Facebook “Like” Button: The “+1”
  8. First Look: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Beta 1
  9. Developing a Database Driven Accordion Menu Using WCF and jQuery
  10. Why I Like Mercurial More Than Git
  11. Everything You Need To Know About Google’s +1
  12. Layouts and Partial Views in Razor
  13. Microsoft Intune Goes Live
  14. Building a Windows Phone 7 Application from Start to Finish
  15. Beyond iPad: Top 10 tablets to watch this year
  16. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablet Has 16 Hour Battery
  17. How Digg is Built
  18. Designing For The Future Web
  19. LightSwitch and HTML
  20. Shawn Burke’s Visual Studio snippets
  21. IIS Community Newsletter
  22. HTML 5 and CSS 3 Support for Expression Web
  23. Integrating OpenID in ASP.NET Web Forms using DotNetOpenAuth
  24. How to Write Windows Shell Extension with .NET Languages
  25. Android is a mess, say developers