Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. .NET/C# Generics History: Some Photos From Feb 1999
  2. An Introduction to the jQuery UI Library: Getting Started
  3. In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example
  4. Tasks.Show A Windows 7 Developers Resource
  5. Use MvcContrib Grid to Display a Grid of Data in ASP.NET MVC
  6. Upgrading to Entity Framework 4.1 RC
  7. Composite Applications
  8. Red Hat turns on Oracle and other Red Hat Linux clone-makers
  9. Silverlight Bootcamp at MIX11
  10. ASP.NET MVC 3 Roundup of Tutorials, Videos, Labs, and other Assorted Training Materials
  11. 15 Free IDEs for Developers
  12. C# development environment running in Windows Phone 7
  13. ASP.NET MVC Controls Toolkit
  14. Popup Dialogues in ASP.NET using DIV Tag
  15. Google Ditches Gears, Embraces HTML5
  16. How JavaScript & HTML5 Are Remaking the Web
  17. Programming, Development Skills in Demand
  18. Facebook SDK Overview
  19. WCF RIA Services Shared Entities
  20. Handling Errors with ASP.NET MVC
  21. Loading Assemblies off Network Drives
  23. ASP.NET MVC 3 Dependency Injection
  24. Now Open: Amazon Appstore Launches With 3,800 Apps for Android
  25. A Gentle Introduction to NuGet
  26. The Current State of HTML5 Forms
  27. Corning Future Interface Video
  28. What really happens when you navigate to a URL
  29. JavaScript: how it all began
  30. Reactive UI – Reactive Programming for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
  31. JQuery – Browser Equalizer
  33. Comparing MVC 3 Helpers: Using Extension Methods and Declarative Razor @helper Syntax
  34. Introducing the Rabbit Framework and its Dynamic Idea
  35. Seeding a Database With EF4.1 Code First
  36. VIDEO: OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
  37. New Samsung’s 8.9″/10.1″ Galaxy Tabs – First serious competition for the iPad
  38. Microsoft delivers toolkit for using Azure to build Windows Phone 7 apps
  39. MVC3 Routing
  40. JavaScript Organization for Asp.Net MVC3 with Razor Engine
  41. MvcContrib grid paging and searching in Asp.NET MVC3
  42. Free Load Testing Tool, Fiddler add-on – StresStimulus
  43. Creating an Up and Down Voting User Interface
  44. How China and Others Are Altering Web Traffic
  45. Five Reasons Your JavaScript Stinks
  46. Beginning with jQuery – A Solid Foundation to Learn The Basics
  47. Speeding Up Your Website’s Database
  48. Microsoft: We’re adding 20,000 new SharePoint users a day
  49. The Dumbest Ways To Interview A Developer
  50. Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications