Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. ILSpy – open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler
  2. jQuery Validation with ASP.NET
  3. HTML5 – The new input types
  4. Creating and Using a jQuery Plug-in in ASP.NET Web Forms
  5. Visual Studio 2010 enhancements
  6. Custom ASP.NET Membership Providers
  7. Unobtrusive jQuery Validation Using MVC3 and Razor
  8. Python Tools for Visual Studio – Beta
  9. T4 vs Razor – what’s the skinny?
  10. Open Source Fest at MIX11 – 30 Projects and Counting
  11. Dispelling Common C++ Class Myths
  12. Windows Phone 7 Apps at Warp Speed
  13. Browser Global Stat Counter
  14. ASP.NET MVC Editable DataTable with JQuery
  15. 8 Essential Developer Apps for Multiple Platforms
  16. Custom JavaScript Event Manager
  17. Installing WordPress on Windows
  18. Survey – Technology grads not ready for resurgent economy
  19. Free Version of Silverlight Spy
  20. Toad for SQL Server FREEWARE
  21. MVC3 control Profile with action filter
  22. MEF with ASP.NET – “Hello World!”
  23. Download a local NuGet repository using Nuget
  24. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (PDF)
  25. Tips on installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  26. Internet Explorer 9 Security Part 1: Enhanced Memory Protections
  27. Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Execution Model
  28. Are Apps Killing the Internet?
  29. .NET Framework: Task Parallel Library Dataflow
  30. ASP.NET OO SessionWrapper
  31. Optimizing WCF Web Service Performance
  32. WCF Request Throttling and Server Scalability
  33. WCF Performance Tuning
  34. Tips for Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 Tuning
  35. Using a Radio Button in a GridView
  36. Lync for Windows Phone
  37. SQLAuthority on Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0
  38. Cloud-Based Collaboration with SharePoint Online
  39. Adobe Converts Flash to HTML5 With Wallaby
  40. New XML Standard for Super-Fast, Lightweight Applications Announced by W3C
  41. All the Windows Phone 7 Development Essentials in One Guide
  42. Is Microsoft killing off the Zune hardware? Microsoft responds
  43. Master of the Web HTML 5 Game
  44. Installing 32-bit IE 9 on 64-bit Windows
  45. Asynchronous WCF HTTP Module/Handler for IIS7 for Better Server Scalability
  46. The fastest way to resize images from ASP.NET
  47. John Papa – I Missed the Visual Studio Productivity Tools
  48. The BIG browser benchmark!
  49. Lexar releases the first 128GB SDXC memory cards
  50. Microsoft Office 2010 Developer Map