Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Employee Info ASP.NET Starter Kit
  2. Inside Visual Studio LightSwitch
  3. NodeJS – The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future
  4. Pushing the Limits of HTML5 in Gaming and Music
  5. Creating Shortened URLs
  6. Visual Studio 2010 SP1 IIS Express Integration
  7. Working with URL Routing in ASP.NET Framework 4.0
  8. WordCampTV – Michael Palermo: Good Bye IE6, Hello IE9
  9. Apps market set to be worth over $38 billion in 2015
  10. Microsoft P&P Project Silk – Guidance for Silky Smooth Web Sites (HIGHLY Recommended)
  11. CodePress Online Real Time Syntax Highlighting Editor
  12. HTML TextArea with syntax highlighting
  13. Microsoft Web Platform Installer APIs: Install a product from a custom feed.
  14. Microsoft Launches HTML5 Web Developer Competition
  15. Offers Cloud-Based Dev Platform for Javascript, HTML 5
  16. To Do: Create an Azure-integrated Windows 7 Phone App
  17. Just how many mobiles can use HTML5 anyway?
  18. Microsoft’s Bing overtakes Yahoo for the first time
  19. Using an MVC PartialView With jQuery Templates Plugin
  20. The Composite C1 Open Source CMS
  21. Sencha Touch Mobile JavaScript Framework
  22. Internet Explorer gains Web browser market share from Firefox
  23. Video – Man upgrades Windows 1.0 to Windows 7
  24. The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing
  25. How to Build Mobile Websites with ASP.NET MVC 2 and Visual Studio 2010
  26. Sprite and Image Optimization Preview 3
  27. Phone Gap – Open Source Mobile App Platform
  28. Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 (Developer) Series
  29. Goodbye Outsourcing, Hello Insourcing: A Trend Rises
  30. The 7 deadly sins of software development
  31. Oracle spurns Ruby devs for Java love
  32. Creating Smooth Streaming Video Solutions with Silverlight & IIS Media Services
  33. All About Microsoft: CodeTracker
  34. Complex Technical Demos Using Local Source Control
  35. Installing NuGet on VS2010 (first blood)
  36. How to Take Advantage of the IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline
  37. Defining Default Content For A Razor Layout Section
  38. IE6 Countdown
  39. Is the future of gaming HTML5?
  40. The Future of CSS: Finally, Sane Layout Tools
  41. Google Says Goodbye to Black Hat SEO
  42. JScript IntelliSense Overview
  43. Native Extensions For Microsoft Silverlight
  44. Progressive enhancement tutorial with ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery
  45. ASP.NET Routing Debugger
  46. ViewSonic’s 10.1-inch ViewPad 10 tablet now available
  47. Tools For jQuery Application Architecture – The Printable Chart
  48. Lightweight JavaScript inheritance APIs
  49. What’s so good about jQuery?
  50. HTTP Status Code Index