Software Developer Links of the Week.

  1. PATTERNS – MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM
  2. Using jQuery 1.5 Deferreds
  3. Add Simple Ajax Paging to Grids in ASP. NET MVC
  4. MVVM DataBinding Javascript with Knockout & HTML5 Boilerplate
  5. ASP.NET white paper collection
  6. Automating Code Review for Common ASP.NET Performance & Security Anti-Patterns
  7. ACE Team – Security Code Review – String Search Patterns For Finding Vulnerabilities In ASP.NET Web Application
  8. ASP.NET Security Review Checklist
  9. OWASP Code Review Guide v2.0
  10. N-Tier Architecture Example
  11. Resource File to JavaScript Object
  12. JSONP and URL-controlled format support for ADO.NET Data Services
  13. CSS3 Animated Bubble Buttons
  14. ZDNet – Schmidt: HTML5 to drive app development
  15. Add Simple Ajax Paging to Grids in ASP.NET MVC
  16. Microsoft announces plans for Kinect SDK
  17. Must Have Windows Phone 7 Toolkits
  18. Internet Explorer 9 RC Performance and Web Standard Enhancements
  19. Novell Updates Moonlight for Siliverlight 4
  20. Batching Queries using the ADO.NET Data Services Client library
  21. Using Solution Factory + NuPack to create Opinionated Visual Studio Solutions
  22. ASP.NET 4 Security Docs
  23. What is that site built with ?
  24. The semantic Web gets down to business
  25. Top 6 Ways to Improve Your .NET Framework Code