Software Developer Links of the Week.

  1. Rick Strahl – A jQuery Plug-in to monitor Html Element CSS Changes
  2. OdeToCOce – Revisiting Charts: HTML5 Attributes
  3. AllNewsManager Project (Cool & Free)
  4. Access Control Service Samples and Documentation (Labs)
  5. Scott Mitchell – Focusing and Selecting the Text in ASP.NET TextBox Controls
  6. Instructional Design for eLearning
  7. Why choose OpenRasta
  8. Novell Updates Moonlight for Silverlight 4
  9. Microsoft IE 9 (Pre Release) Surpasses 2 Million Downloads
  10. Multitasking and IE 9 coming to Windows Phone
  11. StackOverflow – What’s thedifference between MVC and MVP ?
  12. Last Call for HTML5 from the W3C
  13. How to Avoid Google Penalties
  14. How to define Routes for WebForms Applications
  15. Asp.Net JSON proxy, JSON Web Service and javascript Client
  16. Entity Framework Code Only Enhancements
  17. Karl Shifflett’s “In the Box” – MVVM Training
  18. Fun with “jQuery Deferred”
  19. Top 10 Traits of a Great Software Engineer
  20. The Joel Test – Top 12 Steps to Better Code