Software Developer Links of the Week.

  1. Twenty Signs You Have Been Programming Too Long
  2. Respond to Different Devices With CSS3 Media Queries
  3. One Video URL to Rule them all
  4. Web Forms in ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor
  5. Integrating jQuery DataTables plugin into MVC applications
  6. Mike Pope – THE most basic way to implement ASP.NET Razor security
  7. Channel 9 – All-In-1 Code Framework – Windows code samples, examples and guides
  8. Using of KnockoutJS in your ASP.NET applications
  9. WiseJS – Javascript Library for ASP.NET Developers
  10. Introducing WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4
  11. Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers
  12. Native Extensions for Silverlight
  13. Silverlight 4 Tutorial – Drag & Drop External Files
  14. MVC Controls Toolkit
  15. JavaScript Proxy from WCF
  16. Introdoucing RouteMagic
  17. Creating a Picture Gallery with HTML5 Canvas
  18. Drawing the HTML5 Logo with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript
  19. WiderBug – Widescreen Firebug
  20. Sharing Code with PasteBIN and JSFiddle