Software Developer Links of the Week.

  1. Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta (With HTML5 Support)
  2. Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack for MSDN Subscribers.
  3. JSFiddle – Online playground for testing JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  4. Script Management in MVC.
  5. Squishit – ASP.NET JavaScript & CSS Squisher
  6. Combres – WebForm & MVC Client side combiner library.
  7. Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.
  8. Winter 2010 State of the Web.
  9. Top iPad apps for the enterprise.
  10. Greater Interoperability for Windows Users with HTML5 Video.
  11. Free Silverlight Audio Player.
  12. FeedForAll tool to author Podcast RSS Feeds.
  13. Top HTML5 Tutorials from HTMLGoodies.
  14. Microsoft Surface 2.0 price $7,600.
  15. An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Razor.
  16. Free WebCamps Training Kit.
  17. Acquia’s Drupal Product Strategy.
  18. eWeek on how Cool Microsoft WebMatrix is.
  19. Cool new book from Packt.
  20. Rick Strahl on Changing HTML Form Targets with jQuery.