Every week I come across a dozen interesting things on the web.

So, starting this week – I’ll be sharing them. Here are this week’s.


  1. The WebMatrix Launch Keynote
  2. WampServer – A quick was to get the PHP stack up and running on Windows. Simple, but not as rich as the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.
  3. RailsInstaller.org – simple way to install and configure Ruby on Rails (on Windows)
  4. PHP in 2010 – A retrospective.
  5. WordPress hits 32 MILLION users in 2010 ! 
  6. Microsoft continues to support PHP developers with Drupal support.
  7. Visual Studio Template Project for Orchard
  8. An OData Browser for Windows Phone 7
  9. Adobe Illustrator to HTML5 Canvas Exporter utility.
  10. Visual Studio Gallery – HTML5 Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010 & 2008
  11. ASP.NET 4.0 SEO features: Response.RedirectPermanent()
  12. Video roundtable with Gianugo Rabellino: Senior Director of Open Source Communities
  13. HTML5 Blizzard: Full Hardware Acceleration in Action
  14. HTML5 Powered Google Chrome Extension
  15. Web Developer Class: Creating Forms with CSS3
  16. Using Simple Membership in ASP.NET Web Pages
  17. Syncing OneNote over the Cloud
  18. Advanced Logging Utility for IIS
  19. HTML5 Tag Reference
  20. ASP.NET 4.0 SEO features – Response.RedirectPermanent()