Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Edge Keeps Adobe Relevant In a World without Flash
  2. Java SE 7 arrives, based on OpenJDK
  3. Microsoft Build conference for Windows 8 sells out
  4. Three things Chromebooks need to fix to win buyers
  5. Displaying RSS Feeds with XHTML, CSS and JQuery
  6. Custom Paging for GridView
  7. MonoDroid is Alive and Kicking as Mono for Android
  8. Wally McClure on the Future of MonoTouch and Mono for Android
  9. Microsoft: Security is a Two-Way Street
  10. Beta Opens To Developers
  11. Understanding the Git Workflow
  12. Simplify package management with NuGet
  13. HTML5: Using sectional elements
  14. Google Labs to shut down: What message does this send?
  15. Ubuntu: The desktop Linux with the cloud inside
  16. Skype for iPad now available with support for video calls via WiFi and 3G
  17. Update: As the Microsoft patent world turns
  18. Linux gets a bit of good news on the Netflix front
  19. Has Microsoft gotten better at security or just less relevant?
  20. A study shows that almost 20% of companies use Google Apps
  21. Apple could merge iOS and OSX next year, says analyst
  22. Google whines about getting outbid by Apple on patents
  23. Chrome Tips Developers & Designers May Not Know
  24. Has the United States already suffered its cyberwar Pearl Harbor?
  25. Experiment with the Latest HTML5 Technologies
  26. Adobe Launches HTML5 Rich Media Editor
  27. Strong sales of Apple’s new Thunderbolt MacBook Airs result in stock-outs
  28. Google faces nine antitrust complaints in the EU
  29. Five iPad Alternatives for Kids
  30. How open is Google’s Android?
  31. Google: We ‘didn’t fall for’ Microsoft’s patent trap
  32. Tech scoreboard: Google’s pity party, Adobe goes HTML5
  33. 10 survival tips for non-morning people
  34. Top 20 Highly Useful Google APIs For Developers And Designers
  35. Patents against prosperity 
  36. The Most Expensive One-byte Mistake
  37. The Fallacy of Modern Web Development
  38. For Adobe, Edge Represents Opportunity, Not Surrender
  39. HTML5 Drag and Drop in IE10 PPB2
  40. Five Popular Web Strategies That Don’t Work
  41. C# Practice Makes Perfect
  42. HTML5 Reality Check: Tools and Strategies You Can Use Today
  43. Html 5 Controls for ASP.Net MVC
  44. Next post 20 Years Ago Today: The First Website Is Published
  45. The Death of .NET and the Power of Perception
  46. Create Custom Cursors With JavaScript and CSS3
  47. Modernizr: the HTML5 and CSS3 Feature-detection Library
  48. What Developers Should Know About Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch
  49. How companies can prepare for cloud outages
  50. European Security Group Issues Warning on HTML5