Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. The Dangers of HTML5: WebSockets and Stable Standards
  2. The Complete Datagrid (Alphabetic and Customized Paging )
  3. HTTP Data Client – Web Scraping
  4. Page Speed Service: Web performance, delivered
  5. Forget eight cores. AMD is planning a 10-core desktop CPU for 2012.
  6. What if Chromebooks were made by Apple?
  7. Sun CEO explicitly endorsed Java’s use in Android: What do you say now Oracle?
  8. Scoop: Oracle scrubs site of embarrassing Java blog
  9. Juniper Networks adds former Microsoft president Muglia to the management ranks
  10. Microsoft updates Azure tookit for Apple’s iOS to support federation with Facebook, Google and more
  11. Microsoft and SUSE extend Microsoft’s controversial Novell Linux pact
  12. Too much JavaScript
  13. Easily write GPU accelerated programs
  14. 20 Database Design Best Practices
  15. Booting to the web
  16. Web Operations 101 For Developers
  17. Integrate Facebook logins in your Android app
  18. Poll: What’s the best route to writing mobile apps?
  19. Social coding — the next wave in development
  20. Cengage brings content, apps, and learning platforms to Moodle
  21. Google and OK Go team up in HTML 5 interactive video
  22. Windows 7 On The MacBook Air: Don’t Go There
  23. HTML5: Attributes, semantic markup, redefined elements
  24. Amazon, others cave to Apple on in-app purchases today, HTML5 tomorrow
  25. Experiment with the Latest HTML5 Technologies
  26. Free Tools: ASP to Razor Converter
  27. Boot of the Metal !
  28. 10 Apps for Web Developers on an iPad
  29. Official Google+ Client Comes to Apple’s iOS
  30. Displaying RSS Feeds with XHTML, CSS and JQuery
  31. An Introduction to CSS3 Media Queries
  32. How Google+ Can Enhance Your Site’s SEO Rankings
  33. Open source wars: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla
  34. AT&T Confirms Data Throttling Coming October 1
  35. Build truly RESTful API and website using same ASP.NET MVC code
  36. 100+ Best Web Galleries Around for Your Inspiration65 New Examples Of Beautiful Single Page Website Designs
  37. Super-Clean and Minimal Web Designs: 70+ Stunning Examples and Resources
  38. A study shows that almost 20% of companies use Google Apps
  39. Apple has more cash than U.S. government
  40. Tablets Used Widely for Business, Says Survey
  41. Chromebook security: browsing more securely
  42. Node.js on Windows (or JavaScript for the backend)
  43. Facebook launches security bug bounty program
  44. Black Hat: 10 can’t-miss hacks and presentations
  45. Adobe’s Edge Prepares for an HTML 5 Future
  46. How Microsoft Plans to Beat Google With Bing
  47. HP Rolls out WebOS Software Update for TouchPad
  48. E-Commerce Sites Based on Open Source Code Under Attack
  49. At Last! Watch Flash Video on Apple iPhones or iPads With SkyFire’s VideoQ App
  50. ASP.NET MVC: Improving Productivity with the WebGrid