Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Project Silk Community Drop 12 – June 22, 2011 UPDATE
  2. IBM Turns 100: Some Perspective
  3. Quick & Easy HTML5 & CSS3 – New Features for Background Images
  4. Why iPad popularity is slowing PC sales
  5. Simple JSON handler for ASP.NET 2.0 to implement AJAX functionality
  6. An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features
  7. Is Apple really using Windows Azure to power iCloud?
  8. Save yourself some typing when you call ASP.NET services
  9. CSS3 Features Every Web Designer Should Be Excited About
  10. NuSphere Releases PhpED Version 6.0
  11. JavaScript spread to the edges and became permanent in the process
  12. HTML 5 versus Silverlight 5
  13. Chromebooks officially on sale: Is your school buying?
  14. Web Attacks: Using Malicious JavaScript To Deliver Malware
  15. Library for Raw Video Processing
  16. Adobe drops AIR for Linux due to lack of interest
  17. Ten WYSIWYG HTML editors for Mac OS X
  18. The Developer’s <code>
  19. ORM is an anti-pattern
  20. Meet Dell’s Newest Streak
  21. 1.1.5 RC version of the Mvc Controls Toolkit is available for download
  22. Using Google Realtime Search to track Trends
  23. Charlie Sheen could take lessons on what it means to be ‘winning’ from Microsoft
  24. Dynamic data in existing data controls
  25. HTML5 Support for the Visual Studio 2010 Editor
  26. Kinect SDK For PC – VB Samples available.
  27. Creating Custom Action Filters in ASP.NET MVC
  28. CSS Lint
  29. Kobo’s Wi-Fi eReader Touch arrives in Borders today, $130
  30. Apple Changes Rules – June 30: Judgment Day for Amazon’s Kindle on Apple’s App Store
  31. The app industry vs. the music industry
  32. Peruse the Microsoft Enterprise Library
  33. The worst decision Google ever made
  34. Google knows where you’ve been and they might be holding your encryption keys
  35. Garbage Collection in .NET
  36. Active Objects Pattern Futures with .NET Framework Task Parallel Library
  37. MVVM and jQuery: Designing Maintainable, Fast and Versatile Sites
  38. Change the Visual Style of the Web Page using the WebMatrix tool?
  39. Simple JSON handler for ASP.NET 2.0 to implement AJAX functionality
  40. ASP.NET Providers for Session, Membership, Roles & Profile on SQL Compact and Azure
  41. Just One Of Those Things You Need To Understand About JavaScript
  42. HTMLPad 2011 Pro – Check it out !
  43. Developing From The Cloud: Wakanda JavaScript Platform
  44. CSS checker helps developers clean up their code
  45. appendTo Releases AmplifyJS 1.0, a JavaScript Component Library
  46. Firefox 5 is here
  47. Introducing SkyDrive for the modern web, built using HTML5
  48. Session and ViewState alternative
  49. JQGrid with and handlers in
  50. How To ASP.NET Tutorials