Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Script Junkie Blog
  2. Analysis of mobile development approaches
  3. Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Developer Forum
  4. Anatomy of a Domain Hijacking
  5. The Increasingly Irrelevant Desktop OS
  6. Introducing Debugger Canvas
  7. Why the cloud can’t be separated from open source
  8. Why the first true post-PC era device isn’t the iPad
  9. Four things to nail down early in the web design process
  10. Apple continues to tell support reps: do not help with Mac malware
  11. Quick list: Ten CSS resources
  12. Web Performance Load Tester
  13. Apple doesn’t love you, they just want your money
  14. It’s not just you, Apple hates everyone
  15. Google is selling pre-Honeycomb tablets short, they work fine
  16. E-reader battery life spat part of larger issue with footnotes, assumptions
  17. Here come the Chromebooks
  18. Poll Results: Is the tablet PC form factor a fad or a glimpse into the future?
  19. Getting started with Script#
  20. Amazon Tablet: Why it’s a Big Deal
  21. The Real Mac Security Threat Isn’t Malware: It’s Apple
  22. Five Essential HTML5 Editors
  23. Does Azure mean the death of the datacenter or the rebirth of Windows?
  24. Testing CSS Against Multiple Browsers
  25. Ext. Js with ASP .NET
  26. What Web Developers Have Learned in the Past 10 Years
  27. Conceptualizing Chromebooks, Chrome OS, and HTML5-based apps
  28. Microsoft’s Comprehensive Cloud
  29. Twitter Buying TweetDeck: A Passionate Plea
  30. Top Three Ways Mango Will Lure You to a Windows Phone
  31. Barnes & Noble intros pocket-sized Nook with two-month battery life
  32. Windows Phone 7 Mango: A Visual Tour of the New Features
  33. Is the IP address the new SSN?
  34. Bin Deploying ASP.NET MVC 3
  35. BareMetal OS – For a lean, mean, processing machine
  36. The Easy API: Lessons Learned Scaling an API
  37. The Story of the HTML5 Shiv
  38. My JS Quiz: the questions
  39. Cloud Security: The 2 Biggest Lies
  40. Lockheed-Martin Attack Signals New Era of Cyber Espionage
  41. Intel unveils new class of PC – ‘Ultrabooks’
  42. How a web page loads
  43. Startups – Fake it before you make it
  44. Microsoft: Will it be too late to tablet party?
  45. What not to do: Anti-Patterns and the Solutions
  46. A Collection of JavaScript Gotchas
  47. Few important tips that you should know while using ASP.NET Session
  48. Hackers Deface PBS Site, Promise More Lulz
  49. ViewSonic Shows Tablet Using Intel’s New Atom Chip
  50. Seven WPF Programming Tips and Tricks