Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. China Censors Web to Curb Inner Mongolia Protests
  2. VB.NET Data Types
  3. Crank Up the Volume with HTML5 Music
  4. Amazon Tablet: Why it’s a Big Deal
  5. Hands-On With New Barnes & Noble Nook
  6. Dangers of IE ‘Cookiejacking’: What You Need to Know
  7. Structure of an HTTP request
  8. Five Tips For Dealing With Rootkits
  9. Why Microsoft Is 3X Better Than Apple For Customer Support
  10. Building a jQuery Plug-in to make an HTML Table scrollable
  11. Priority Based Asynchronous Post-back Scheduler
  12. Writing SEO friendly url using HttpHandlers in ASP.NET
  13. ASP.NET server side handler for HTML5 Valums Ajax file upload
  14. How innovative design let one company withstand Amazon’s recent outage
  15. Here come the Chromebooks
  16. A Neat Solution to GridView Custom Paging
  17. Don’t design like a programmer
  18. How to create offline HTML5 web apps in 5 easy steps
  19. Ten Oddities And Secrets About JavaScript
  20. Using CDNs and Expires to Improve Web Site Performance
  21. Apple ports iWork apps to iPhone and iPod touch, $10 each
  22. U.S. Government Says Cyber Attacks May Be Acts of War
  23. North Korea Training Cyberwarriors at Foreign Colleges
  24. ASP.NET IIS URL Rewrite Module 2.0 for SEO-Friendly Extensionless URLs
  25. New Free T4 Editor for Visual Studio with Intellisense, Syntax Highlighting, etc
  26. Kobo, Nook Newcomers vs. Kindle
  27. Three Ways You Can Use HTML5 On Your Website Today
  28. Top 10 jQuery Tips and Tricks
  29. Google Kills Translate API; Irks Developers
  30. Thirty Tips to Optimize HTML/CSS/Images for Smooth Web Experience
  31. Oracle gives OpenOffice to Apache
  32. Microsoft ships free malware cleaner that boots from CD or USB
  33. The Kindle is ready for programmers
  34. Will the Next Web Platform Please Hold Still?
  35. Google: Hundreds of Gmail accounts in U.S., Asia hacked
  36. 10 things you should know about the Pentagon’s new cyberwarfare strategy
  37. Six free web editors for coders
  38. Samsung’s 10-inch Galaxy Tab starts retail rollout
  39. Microsoft shares more on plans to turn SkyDrive into an application
  40. ADO.NET Entity Framework 4: New and Notable Features
  41. Why I Love The Microsoft Web Platform (And How I Built an Enterprise Ready Site in 48hrs)
  42. OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers
  43. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Everything There Is To Know
  44. How 7 Black Hat Hackers Landed Legit Jobs
  45. Switching to MVVM
  46. New Migration Paths to the Microsoft Cloud
  47. So, Why Are Senior U.S. Officials Using Gmail?
  48. Men make death threats on Facebook, go directly to jail
  49. Dependency Injection With ASP.NET HttpModules
  50. Glimpse – A client side Glimpse to your server