Thursday, April 19, 2007 9:00 AM  – 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


It was once said that nothing is forever – and that may be true.  But in the forever space of technology, some things can be considered forever. In the case of the ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel and the ASP.NET controls in the NetAdvantage toolset from Infragistics, they are forever, or rather, Best Friends Forever.  In this webcast, you’ll learn how the new ASP.NET AJAX capabilities work together with the rich controls toolset from Infragistics – and vice versa.  See how to embed complex grids, charts and other controls from Infragistics in the UpdatePanel, as well as embedding ASP.NET native controls including the UpdatePanel inside the Infragistics already AJAX enabled controls. The end goal is to build rich, interactive applications AND eliminate postbacks – and using the right tools and technologies from Microsoft and Infragistics, this becomes a reality. 
Tony Lombardo and Joe Stagner.



Joe Stagner is a Senior Program Manager on the Web Community team.  

About the Live From Redmond series. This series of Live Meeting presentations are designed specifically for the community by members of the Microsoft product teams. The presentations are all done by actual team members working on the specific technology, and are a great way to hear from and ask your questions directly to the product team. 

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