Last Week at MIX Glenn Block presented on our new Web API in a talk entitled “WCF Web APIs, there’s a uri for that”.

The talk was very well received and had a mostly full house.

You can watch the video from the talk  here.

On Codeplex and Nuget

After the talk Glen pushed Preview 4 of WCF Web API to Codeplex and the Nuget packs!

This release represents a significant enhancement over the previous releases.

For one thing it is the first time the team has released the bits in their entirety on top of .NET 4.0 That is huge!

Second it represents the fruits of about a year of effort evolving our new APIsbased on community feedback and deep feedback from our advisors.

Below is a summary of the enhancements

· New message classes HttpResponseMessage<T> / HttpRequestMessage<T> allows accessing headers and using a strongly typed model.

· Uri parameters can now autocast to primtiive types, i.e. a uri template of "{id}" can map to an integer parameter of id.

· Matching of parameters is now by type if there is no match on name, ie. HttpRequestMessage req will work.

  • New Operation Handlers which replace processors and dramatically improve the authoring
  • New Formatters for plugging in custom media types
  • New Message Handlers for low level control over HTTP
  • Support for Form Url Encoding / Json and Xml out of the box.
  • IQueryable support with IQueryable<T> and without requiring attributes
  • Overhauled fluent API for configuration
  • Unit tests
  • Newer HttpClient
  • New samples
  • ContactManager is now a fully client based AJAX / JQuery application
  • new ContactManager_Simple illustrates the bare basics.
  • new HelloResource sample
  • Acceptance and Unit tests for some of the samples

Several folks in the community including our advisors fired up their blogging engines to blog about our new bits.

Here’s some of the posts below: – This guy seemed a little confused about web api / data services.

Feedback is appreciated. Go get the new bits!