In a collaboration between Microsoft Developer Guidance and the Windows Phone team, a new version  of the design guidelines for the Windows Phone has just been complete completed.

A comprehensive set of documentation is now available with guidance for every aspect of Windows Phone UX development.

The documentation can be found here –

This guide is for application designers and developers who need guidance on how to structure the user interaction model of their phone application.

It gives them all the necessary information to enable them to make the best user-experience design decisions.

There are five parts to the guidelines:

1. The Windows Phone Platform: Introduces the types of applications that can be written for the Windows Phone and what specific user needs they fulfill.

2. The Application Design Process for Windows Phone: Walks people through the steps of designing an application from Design principles, Conceptualization to Implementation.

3. Application Structure and Navigation Models for Windows Phone: Presents different types of Windows Phone application navigation models and best practices for each style.

4. User and Platform Interactions for Windows Phone: Guidance on specific feature areas and user interactions for Windows Phone such as – Themes, animations, gestures, notifications, touch targets, advertising etc.

5. Controls Design Guidelines for Windows Phone: All the important Silverlight controls along with guidelines for usage.

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