So last year I got a 17″ Macbook Pro. I got it solely for the purpose of testing my team’s web properties (,,

Since I do allot of PHP programming and more and more PHP Developers are using MacBooks, I’ve started doing some Coding on the Mac and cross platform testing of PHP on the Mac and then on Windows.

It’s funny, though I use my MacBook daily, I seldom use OSX. I’ve found the MacBook Pro to be a fine host for Virtual Machines.

I spend several hours every day answering customer email and more and more I’m asked questions about versions that I don’t have installed on my machine due to limited disk space or compatibility issues. So, I’ve finally gotten to a place when I need to get virtualized so that I can support older versions of Visual Studio, etc.

So, I’ve decided to do this with my Mac.

For about $230 I got a 320 Gig 7200 RPM SATA Hards Drive and 4 Gig of RAM from NewEgg and a screw driver kit with the NECESSARY T6 screw driver.

I’ve upgraded Mac Desktop hardware before. G3s were easy, iMacs were less easy but my MacBook Pro was a pain in the ass on the hardware side.

I like my MacBook Pro hardware. It’s “sleek”. But not at all designed for end user hardware updates.

My Lenovo, Toshiba, and Compaq Laptops let me change hard drives in under a minute.

The MacBook pro is a MAJOR disassembly. Something like 25 screws. Disassemble the entire case, remove the keyboard, etc.

20 minutes minimum.

Having said that, you don’t know how much Time Machine ROCKS until you install a new hard drive.

After I installed the new drive and the new memory (anybody want to buy 2 gig for their MBP ?), I fired it up and held my breath.

After booting from the OSX DVD, I provisioned the new drive and selected restore from backup.

Selected the Time Machine backup I made yesterday, and BAM! 90 minutes later I have my machine just as it was yesterday except faster and 200 gig of extra disk space.

No reinstalling the OS, no reinstalling (and finding the serial numbers) for all my software!

It “just works”.

Note to Windows Visa Team, need that for Vista !!!

No question it’s faster. Eclipse loads in just a few seconds.

Now – building VPCs !

Very cool !