So, my team sort of got reorged again.

We are now the community wing of the Developer Guidance organization (the same group than contains Patterns and Practices).

In truth, I was less than enthusiastic about the last two reorgs I went though, but this one could turn out to be a great thing.

As I’m planning, I’m again going to ask you all the question.

Should I start podcasting again?

Here are some of the podcast series that  I’ve been considering….

1.) What and Why? Each episode I’ll track down the right person and get then to answer a tough question like "What Data Access technology should I choose and why ?"

2.) The Codeplex Podcast. Each episode I’ll highlight a .NET Open Source Project and the folks who make it happen.

3.) The week in review – a 10-15 minute review of notable news in the Software Development Industry.

4.) Other – You tell me ???

Please take the Poll HERE –