Ya, I know. The name is confusing.

WebMatrix is technically the IDE and the”page model” is technically called “ASP.NET Web Pages”.

I call the whole “stack” Microsoft WebMatrix (The IDE, IIS Express, SQL Compact, and ASP.NET Web Pages/Razor)

The WebMatrix stack was an independent, out-of-band release.

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (in Beta as of this writing) has some really exciting stuff in it (at least for this geek.)

For those of us that are doing HTML5 work, get excited about the enhanced HTML syntax support.

But if you’re doing WebMatrix work as I am, SP1 brings Visual Studio up to speed for us (cshtml and vbhtml support.)

The WebMatrix tool come with a built-in “Open in Visual Studio” button.

If you have Visual Studio installed on your machine clicking this button will open up Visual Studio 2010 and pass your WebMatrix project context to Visual Studio but since Visual Studio 2010 was released before WebMatrix, you couldn’t do much with .cshtml or .vbhtml files.


SP1 for VS 2010 makes the Side-By-Side experience ROCK !

Click on the Launch in Visual Studio Button and open a page in VS.

Of course we get the kind of stuff we get in the WebMatrix Tool like Razor Syntax Highlighting.

We also get comfortable and familiar stuff like IntelliSense.

We even get break-point debugging for Razor Code !

Since IIS Express support is included we get test-time data for running our pages in IIS Express.

But WAIT ! Smile 

There is design-time support for SQL Compact 4 databases.

And there’s MORE Smile 

You don’t HAVE to start in the WebMatrix Tool.

Visual Studio 2010 with SP1 gives you a new “Razor” project type

When you start Visual Studio and select “New Web Site (NOT New Web Project) you will see a new web site type.

So if you’re doing “page centric” web development in ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 now offers a first class experience !