This book is OFF THE HOOK !

Wanna REALLY dissect a running application ?

IDA Pro is THE tool of choice for disassembly and the crackers choice because of it’s raw power.

Whether you need to solve a tough runtime defect or examine your application security from teh inside out IDA Pro is a great tool and this book is THE guide for coming up to speed.

From the book description ….

  • Identify known library routines, so you can focus your analysis on other areas of the code
  • Extend IDA to support new processors and filetypes, making disassembly possible for new or obscure architectures
  • Explore popular plug-ins that make writing IDA scripts easier, allow collaborative reverse engineering, and much more
  • Utilize IDA’s built-in debugger to tackle obfuscated code that would defeat a stand-alone disassembler 

    Download Chapter 12: “Library Recognition Using FLIRT Signatures”