First, thanks to everyone who has called and emailed. Jill, the Girls and I are all fine, if not warn and well rested.

We lost Power and Phone service on Thursday Night – now Sunday, Electricity, Phone, Internet, and Cable are all still out. Due to compromised towers, even cell phone service is effected.

400,000 homes in our tiny little state of NH are effected.

We’ve been declared a “State of Emergency” and 4 deaths have been reported.

The State Emergency Services office is warning that all power may not be restored untill NEXT weeked (a total of 9 ot 10 days without power)

I waited in line for 11 hours for a Generator on friday and thankfully was able to purchase one of the few that were successfully shipped to the state.

So we have a generator and a bit of propane powered heat. I’m also able to scoop water through the ice of a local pond so that we can flush the toilet once a day 🙂

I’n the meantime, I’m making a daily trip to the Borders Book Store in Concord NH once a day to sync email and make phone calls and spending much of the rest of the tie making sure the pipes don’t freeze and such.

More news soon.