WEBINAR: Zend Server 6: Bridging the Devops Chasm

Join  Zeev Suraski, Co-Founder & CTO Zend Technologies and lear about the amazing new Dev/Ops features in Zend Server 6

February 21, 2013 – (9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST) or  (5:00pm GMT, 6:00pm CET)

This webinar will introduce you to Zend Server 6, the #1 choice for deploying, running, and managing mobile and web applications written in PHP. You’ll hear about the new features of the product including advanced production debugging, deployment tools, performance optimization features, faster app problem resolution, scaling, and more. You’ll also see a hands-on demonstration of Zend Server 6’s new cool UI.


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Announcing Zend Server 6 and Zend Studio 10

Today Zend announces Zend Server 6 and Zend Studio 10 !

Both are SIGNIFICANT new versions.

Check out www.Zend.com to learn about all the new features but there are a couple things I want to point out here.

  • Zend Server 6 FREE EDITION. Not only will you immediately see the improvements in the user interface of Zend Server 6 but Zend is making a free version available. Yes I know that Zend previously offered a “Community Edition” but this is different. The Free version is not a different edition but a version of the same product as all the other Zend Server. You’ll see the features in the FREE edition and you can upgrade when you want the extended versions of those features.  Example: The free version saves one hour of event monitoring data. 
  • Zend Studio 10 is HUGE for Mobile development and natively understands cloud deployment.

To celebrate we are offering Zend Studio at 50% off !!!!

The Zend 2013 Kickoff in Las Vegas

My second week at Zend was spent in Las Vegas at the Zend annual kickoff.

In my career I’ve had the great fortune to work for and with many pioneers in the software development world.

Many years ago I help the position of Assistant Director of Technical Services for JPI TopSpeed and worked for Niels Jensen, the co-founder of Borland.

At Microsoft I got to spend a number of years working for Scott Guthrie (co-inventor of ASP.NET) and interacting with Anders Hejlsberg (the guy behind Turbo Pascal, Delphi and C#).

At Mozilla I worked in the realm of Mitchel Baker (Open Source pioneer and Mozilla Founder) and Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript).

I kept with that theme in my decision to join Zend Technologies and now I have the privilege of working with Andi Gutmans  and Zeev Suraski (co-founder’s of Zend Technologies and co-developers of PHP3, based on Rasmus Lerdorf ‘s origination PHP creation.)

Andi & Zeev at the Zend 2013 Kick-off

Last week in Las Vegas, Andi outlined the business success and future of Zend as a company.

Zend’s Zeev Suraski and Guy Harpaz

Zeev Suraski (Zend CTO) and Guy Harpaz (PM for Zend Studio) were on hand to show us the awesome new versions of Zend Server and Zend Studio.

Stay tuned as I’ll be focusing a lot on the “professional” platform and IDE for enterprise PHP development in the coming weeks.

In addition to those folks, more of Zend’s executive leadership was on hand.

Zend CMO Elaine Lennox & VP of Worldwide Field Operations Siddhartha Agarwal

Zend CMO Elaine Lennox & VP of Worldwide Field Operations Siddhartha Agarwal (pictured above) were present as well.

Though I must admit that when the heads of  marketing and sales put their heads together and look like they are having that much fun – it can only mean trouble for the rest of us !

We spent three PACKED days learning about the new products, services and strategies.

But we still managed to have some fun.

Who say’s executives don’t know how to party !

Of special note is this photo of Mike Pavlak, Zend Solutions Consultant and PHP on IBMi specialist !

Mike promised to only have ONE beer on our night out on the town !

I’m thinking I’m going to have an awesome year !

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