A few Mozillians to read and follow.

I’ve had lots of requests from my readers for recommendations of folks at Mozilla to follow.  Great to see so many people interested in broadening their horizons.

I’ll be building blog roles and lists on twitter but to get you started, here is a list. If you follow them, say hi and let them know how you found them !

Stormy Peters

Christian Heilmann

Robert Nyman

Rob Hawkes

Jay Patel

Eric Shepherd

Paul Rouget

Janet Swisher

Havi Hoffman

Weekly Links– 2010_31 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Google has started working on a Chrome mechanism to let extensions download items from a Web page
  2. Windows Azure – Authenticate ASP.Net Azure Web Application using Google Credentials
  3. How open source is transforming the publishing industry
  4. 10 freeware to boost office productivity
  5. Are frameworks making developers dumb?
  6. Poll: What is the future of desktop app development?
  7. American IT workers file suit for jobs lost due to outsourcing
  8. How to Communicate between two Local Silverlight Applications?
  9. HTML5 WebWorkers Experiment
  10. Offline Gmail Desktop App Tutorial
  11. Configuring Flash Builder 4.5 for iOS Development
  12. How to Validate ASP.NET Web Forms Using a Business Rules Engine
  13. Consuming a Web Service .NET with VB6.0 App
  14. New HP TouchPad owners go get your free 50GB of lifetime cloud storage
  15. Deloitte: 4G could produce 771,000 new jobs in U.S. by 2016
  16. Skype Acquiring Startup GroupMe for Group Text Messaging
  17. Installing Linux on old PC’s
  18. Domain Name Suggests New Kindle Will Have Stylus
  19. Scott Guthrie to Lead Azure Application Platform Team
  20. Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Attitudes
  21. Best practices to architect applications in the IBM Cloud
  22. 11 ways to get more traffic to your web site
  23. Silverlight Toolkit Samples Application
  24. Desktop Google Reader written with WPF
  25. Will Microsoft compensation changes help retain employees? We’ll find out soon Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Links– 2010_30 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. IBM executive says PC era is in its twilight
  2. Better web font loading with JavaScript
  3. In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example
  4. The pros and cons of developing a complete Javascript UI
  5. Toshiba Thrive Tablet
  6. Should Microsoft make a break with the past and drop legacy support?
  7. Apple’s EU legal win could prevent all OEMs from building tablets
  8. Kindle Cloud Reader: Amazon’s answer to Apple’s app restriction
  9. Safari Omnibar solves the search two-step
  10. Nintendo has good reason to not develop for iOS
  11. Google’s Motorola acquisition: Nail in the Android patent coffin?
  12. Firefox 6 available ahead of official launch
  13. Key Process Patterns
  14. Use jQuery.extend() and Ajax to “construct” your JavaScript Objects from Server Objects
  15. The Biggest Changes in C++11 (and Why You Should Care)
  16. Lessons from Amazon Cloud Lightning Strike Outage
  17. Getting Started With Android App Development: Eclipse and the Android SDK
  18. Generating Code Using Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4)
  19. Windows Laptop Makers Can’t Catch Up to the MacBook Air
  20. 10 things you can do to improve your Web site right now
  21. Cloud Storage Studio
  22. Android Tablets Grab 20 Percent of Market Share
  23. Visual Studio Asynchronous Programming Videos
  24. 10 basic search engine optimization tips
  25. Engineer of original IBM PC declares end of PC era

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Weekly Links– 2010_27 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. The Dangers of HTML5: WebSockets and Stable Standards
  2. The Complete Datagrid (Alphabetic and Customized Paging )
  3. HTTP Data Client – Web Scraping
  4. Page Speed Service: Web performance, delivered
  5. Forget eight cores. AMD is planning a 10-core desktop CPU for 2012.
  6. What if Chromebooks were made by Apple?
  7. Sun CEO explicitly endorsed Java’s use in Android: What do you say now Oracle?
  8. Scoop: Oracle scrubs site of embarrassing Java blog
  9. Juniper Networks adds former Microsoft president Muglia to the management ranks
  10. Microsoft updates Azure tookit for Apple’s iOS to support federation with Facebook, Google and more
  11. Microsoft and SUSE extend Microsoft’s controversial Novell Linux pact
  12. Too much JavaScript
  13. Easily write GPU accelerated programs
  14. 20 Database Design Best Practices
  15. Booting to the web
  16. Web Operations 101 For Developers
  17. Integrate Facebook logins in your Android app
  18. Poll: What’s the best route to writing mobile apps?
  19. Social coding — the next wave in development
  20. Cengage brings content, apps, and learning platforms to Moodle
  21. Google and OK Go team up in HTML 5 interactive video
  22. Windows 7 On The MacBook Air: Don’t Go There
  23. HTML5: Attributes, semantic markup, redefined elements
  24. Amazon, others cave to Apple on in-app purchases today, HTML5 tomorrow
  25. Experiment with the Latest HTML5 Technologies
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Weekly Links– 2010_26 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Amazon Tablet Set to Battle iPad in Fall
  2. HTML5: The next generation of web design
  3. Chromebooks: Not Flops!
  4. What is Microsoft Lightswitch ?
  5. HP officially launches webOS TouchPad … again?
  6. Microsoft offering $250,000 reward for Rustock botnet info
  7. Microsoft moves forward with ‘Roslyn’ compiler as a service project
  8. A Facebook warning call: NYT says Google+ gets privacy right
  9. With Borders dead, what’s going to happen with Kobo?
  10. Dual-boot your Nook Color with Android using a micro-SD card, $35
  11. iPad tweak adds support for multiple users
  12. Archos’ G9 tablets get release date, priced starting at $300
  13. Released Mvc Controls Toolkit 1.2.0 RTW
  14. The next battlefield: Cyberspace and military readiness
  15. Cloud Security Debate Continues
  16. Companies: Hire social media strategists and let loose cannons fly
  17. Social coding — the next wave in development
  18. Mono, open-source .NET for Android, Linux and iOS, lives on
  19. SUSE Studio 1.2 ships, SUSE Linux chief to roll out full cloud strategy soon
  20. CSS3 Preview: Tables and Grids
  21. A Sneak Peak: Google+ Resources for Web Developers
  22. Review : Alienware M11x
  23. Don’t look now, but Microsoft is starting to morph into a three-headed cash cow
  24. Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit 10 re-writes the text editor
  25. JSON.SQL: A CLR-resident JSON serializer/deserializer for SQL Server
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Finding Videos, Tutorials, etc. on the ASP.NET Web Site

Many folks have emailed me in recent weeks trying to find some of my old videos or tutorials.

The ASP.NET Web Site has been undergoing a series of incremental improvements and the site management team is working hard to improve the experience and expose all of the available learning resources. While they’re continuing the “findability” work, here is a list of end-points on the ASP.NET Web site that might help you find the training materials that you are looking for.




A few more: :

Complete www.ASP.NET Site Map : http://www.asp.net/sitemap

Weekly Links– 2010_17 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Ajax Handling in ASP.NET by jQuery
  2. Microsoft Patterns & Practices Project Silk 
  3. Karl Shifflett Introduction of Project Silk
  4. Project Silk Mileage Stats Application – 5 Minute Video
  5. Asus Eee Pad Transformer starts shipping on April 26; $399
  6. MVVM Light for Silverlight and WPF
  7. Amazon rumored to release Samsung-built tablet this summer
  8. Berners-Lee: Work is needed to harmonise HTML 5
  9. Novell’s Moonlight shines on Google Android
  10. Mobile development 101: What you need to know
  11. Entity Framework Using Asp.Net MVP
  12. Orchard 1.1: what’s in it for developers?
  13. Converting SVG to XAML with IE9 and the Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  14. Microsoft: 350 million licenses of Windows 7 sold in 18 months
  15. Security lessons still lacking for computer science grads
  16. RESTful ASP.NET WCF / jQuery – JSON Service with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE
  17. Calling a Web Service from the Client Side Using the AJAX Extension Toolkit
  18. Securely Passing Identity Tokens Between Websites
  19. WebSockets, RIA/JS and WCF Web API at MIX, a whole lotta love for the web
  20. Restricting Input in HTML Textboxes to Numeric Values
  21. Seven lessons to learn from Amazon’s outage
  22. Kinect for Xbox 360 Moves to Windows with upcoming SDK
  23. TechEd 2011 Developer Birds-of-a-Feather Session List
  24. Amazon Kindle eBooks targeted by scammers
  25. Nook Color gets official update to make it a real Android tablet
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Weekly Links– 2010_12 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. ILSpy – open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler
  2. jQuery Validation with ASP.NET
  3. HTML5 – The new input types
  4. Creating and Using a jQuery Plug-in in ASP.NET Web Forms
  5. Visual Studio 2010 enhancements
  6. Custom ASP.NET Membership Providers
  7. Unobtrusive jQuery Validation Using MVC3 and Razor
  8. Python Tools for Visual Studio – Beta
  9. T4 vs Razor – what’s the skinny?
  10. Open Source Fest at MIX11 – 30 Projects and Counting
  11. Dispelling Common C++ Class Myths
  12. Windows Phone 7 Apps at Warp Speed
  13. Browser Global Stat Counter
  14. ASP.NET MVC Editable DataTable with JQuery
  15. 8 Essential Developer Apps for Multiple Platforms
  16. Custom JavaScript Event Manager
  17. Installing WordPress on Windows
  18. Survey – Technology grads not ready for resurgent economy
  19. Free Version of Silverlight Spy
  20. Toad for SQL Server FREEWARE
  21. MVC3 control Profile with action filter
  22. MEF with ASP.NET – “Hello World!”
  23. Download a local NuGet repository using Nuget
  24. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (PDF)
  25. Tips on installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  26. Internet Explorer 9 Security Part 1: Enhanced Memory Protections
  27. Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Execution Model
  28. Are Apps Killing the Internet?
  29. .NET Framework: Task Parallel Library Dataflow
  30. ASP.NET OO SessionWrapper
  31. Optimizing WCF Web Service Performance
  32. WCF Request Throttling and Server Scalability
  33. WCF Performance Tuning
  34. Tips for Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 Tuning
  35. Using a Radio Button in a GridView
  36. Lync for Windows Phone
  37. SQLAuthority on Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0
  38. Cloud-Based Collaboration with SharePoint Online
  39. Adobe Converts Flash to HTML5 With Wallaby
  40. New XML Standard for Super-Fast, Lightweight Applications Announced by W3C
  41. All the Windows Phone 7 Development Essentials in One Guide
  42. Is Microsoft killing off the Zune hardware? Microsoft responds
  43. Master of the Web HTML 5 Game
  44. Installing 32-bit IE 9 on 64-bit Windows
  45. Asynchronous WCF HTTP Module/Handler for IIS7 for Better Server Scalability
  46. The fastest way to resize images from ASP.NET
  47. John Papa – I Missed the Visual Studio Productivity Tools
  48. The BIG browser benchmark!
  49. Lexar releases the first 128GB SDXC memory cards
  50. Microsoft Office 2010 Developer Map

Weekly Links– 2010_11 (50 Links for Web Devs & Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
  1. Employee Info ASP.NET Starter Kit
  2. Inside Visual Studio LightSwitch
  3. NodeJS – The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future
  4. Pushing the Limits of HTML5 in Gaming and Music
  5. Creating Shortened URLs
  6. Visual Studio 2010 SP1 IIS Express Integration
  7. Working with URL Routing in ASP.NET Framework 4.0
  8. WordCampTV – Michael Palermo: Good Bye IE6, Hello IE9
  9. Apps market set to be worth over $38 billion in 2015
  10. Microsoft P&P Project Silk – Guidance for Silky Smooth Web Sites (HIGHLY Recommended)
  11. CodePress Online Real Time Syntax Highlighting Editor
  12. HTML TextArea with syntax highlighting
  13. Microsoft Web Platform Installer APIs: Install a product from a custom feed.
  14. Microsoft Launches HTML5 Web Developer Competition
  15. Ajax.org Offers Cloud-Based Dev Platform for Javascript, HTML 5
  16. To Do: Create an Azure-integrated Windows 7 Phone App
  17. Just how many mobiles can use HTML5 anyway?
  18. Microsoft’s Bing overtakes Yahoo for the first time
  19. Using an MVC PartialView With jQuery Templates Plugin
  20. The Composite C1 Open Source CMS
  21. Sencha Touch Mobile JavaScript Framework
  22. Internet Explorer gains Web browser market share from Firefox
  23. Video – Man upgrades Windows 1.0 to Windows 7
  24. The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing
  25. How to Build Mobile Websites with ASP.NET MVC 2 and Visual Studio 2010
  26. Sprite and Image Optimization Preview 3
  27. Phone Gap – Open Source Mobile App Platform
  28. Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 (Developer) Series
  29. Goodbye Outsourcing, Hello Insourcing: A Trend Rises
  30. The 7 deadly sins of software development
  31. Oracle spurns Ruby devs for Java love
  32. Creating Smooth Streaming Video Solutions with Silverlight & IIS Media Services
  33. All About Microsoft: CodeTracker
  34. Complex Technical Demos Using Local Source Control
  35. Installing NuGet on VS2010 (first blood)
  36. How to Take Advantage of the IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline
  37. Defining Default Content For A Razor Layout Section
  38. IE6 Countdown
  39. Is the future of gaming HTML5?
  40. The Future of CSS: Finally, Sane Layout Tools
  41. Google Says Goodbye to Black Hat SEO
  42. JScript IntelliSense Overview
  43. Native Extensions For Microsoft Silverlight
  44. Progressive enhancement tutorial with ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery
  45. ASP.NET Routing Debugger
  46. ViewSonic’s 10.1-inch ViewPad 10 tablet now available
  47. Tools For jQuery Application Architecture – The Printable Chart
  48. Lightweight JavaScript inheritance APIs
  49. What’s so good about jQuery?
  50. HTTP Status Code Index