Mozilla is the only browser vendor who’s mission is to promote open innovation on the world wide web.

This year we’ve been diving into Mobile web technology in big ways.

Please consider including the code below on your web site or your blog. (WordPress users you can simply include the code as a text widget, just remember to point the image links at images on your site.)

The script is simple.

1.) If the visitor is using Firefox (any version) – SayTHANKS !
2.) If the visitor is not using Firefox – check to see if they are using an Android device.
3.) If not, suggest they use Firefox.
4.) If they are using Android, suggest Firefox Mobile.

You can get much more fancy, but you get the idea.

THANKS ! If you add the code to your site – tweet the url to @MisfitGeek and I’ll re-tweet !

<script type="text/javascript">
if (/Firefox[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent)) { 
   document.write("<h2>THANKS  for  Using  Firefox !!!</h2>") 
   document.write("<img src='' />");
else {
   if (/Android[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent)) { 
      document.write("<h2>Get Firefox MOBILE !</h2>");
      document.write("<a title='Get FireFox MOBILE!' 
                      <img src='fennec-icon.jpeg' /></a><br />");
                      Click the Tail & Get Firefox Mobile for Android!
   else {
      document.write("<h2>Please Consider  Using  Firefox !!!</h2>");
      document.write("<a title='Get FireFox !' href=''>
	              <img src='' />