This last weekend I attended SunshinePHP in Miami Florida !

In the photo below you see Rasmus Lerdorf – which made it a hat trick for me, seeing the three people that I consider to be the fathers of modern PHP all in the same week !

Home of the best things about being a PHP developer is the community and SunshinePHP was great for me because I got to see a collection of PHP friends that hadn’t seen for a while.

In addition to Rasmus’s keynote…..

  • Cal Evans gave a motivating oratory on the successful community.
  • Keith Casey gave a great closing address on “Thinking Outside the Box”
  • Davey Shafik was there representing @EngineYard
  • Beth Tucker Long did a great talk on continuous integration for PHP develoeprs
  • Sebastian Bergmann taught me about PHPUnit for Unit Testing PHP apps.
  • I got to visit with my old pal Mark Brown from Microsoft
  • I met Luke Stokes, co-founder of FoxyCart
  • I met Matthew Turland who I’ve followed on twitter !
  • I got to meet Corey Fowler – who I’ve been friends with on twitter for years but never met in person !! (And who now works at Microsoft)
  • I met (and missed lunch with) Alan Seiden – PHP IBMi Guru!

What an awesome 2 days…..

If you’re not attending PHP Community events, you’re missing out !