Spring is ugly in my job. From early March until late June I’m on the road. Conferences, Meetings, etc.

Then when I finally get done my spring traveling…. There is “make up” work to do.

I have to “make it up” to my two little princess and my wife. Work my way through a whole spring filled “Honey Do List”.

And then, there is the repair work. Winter is hard on everything. There is lots to do on the house, my office building, the yard, etc. after the winter weather (and my pack of German Shepherds) does its winter damage.

And then of course there is the work I have to do on my body. After nearly four months on the road I’m left feeling old, fat, ad out of shape. At 47 by body brings me new challenges and as someone who spent his whole life in a kickboxing gym, my metabolism refuses to adjust to a sedentary lifestyle.

Well, I’m caught up !

For the rest of the summer and fall I’m going to be primarily focused on developing developer training and guidance in the form of Videos and Webcasts on the following topics.

  • Web Security – The first of these videos will be up later this week and the series will continue. The topics will be of interest to ASP.NET developers as well as Slveright developers, IIS users, and Rich Client Developers using REST and SOAP services.
  • Data Access – BOTH ADO.NET and LINQ (and not JUST to Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Dynamic Data – The cool new technology for ASP.NET Developers.
  • Web Forms – With all the hype around ASP.NET MVC, I think it’s important to focus on the Web UI technology that MOST of us will continue to be using 🙂

Comments, Suggestions ?

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