¬†In a piece in eWeek’s June 2, 2008 issue, Darryl K. Taft writes about Microsoft making an offer to Grady Booch in the pre Ray Ozzie days. He goes on to suggest that while he personally is not criticizing Ray and he has “much respect” for the guy, some of his colleagues say he is “not the guy”.

Note to the press (who, in all honesty, I most frequently hold in contempt)……

Give Ozzie his go before you start judging what he may or may not accomplish after Gates steps away from Microsoft’s day-to-day.

In my opinion, Ray Ozzie is better choice to assume the role of technical strategist at Microsoft anyway.

Ray Ozzie’s record includes great, innovative technical ideas which were realized in the form of successful software PRODUCTS.

Lotus Notes, like it or hate it, was THE thing in it’s day and is still well used. One could argue that it’s decline came only after IBM acquired Notes and failed to evolve it as it’s user base required.

Groove was also a visionary product that filled a gap not only in the “technology industry” but in Microsoft’s product portfolio.

Ray has had suitable time to adapt to the culture at Microsoft  and be advised by BillG prior to his pending Microsoft status change.

On the inside, it seems that Ray is more and more coming into his own as a technical thought leader inside the company.

I henceforth put a one year moratorium on all Ray Ozzie second guessing by any writer who has not himself (or herself) conceived a technologic innovation who’s gross sales do not stand today in excess of $100,000