Creating a XAML Timer
Using Animations in XAML
Understanding Animations in XAML
Using Brushes
Understanding Brushes
Working with Text in XAML
Understanding Text in XAML
Walking Through a Silverlight Application
Using JavaScript Events in XAML
Understanding JavaScript Events in XAML
Using Transforms in XAML
Understanding Transforms in XAML
Clipping in XAML
Working with Paths in XAML
Using Vector Graphics in XAML
Understanding Vector Graphics in XAML
Adding Silverlight to a Web Page
Anatomy of a Silverlight Application
XAML and JavaScript Interaction
Exporting XAML from Adobe Illustrator CS3
Expression Encoder and Silverlight Integration
Expression Encoder Media Functionality
Installing Expression Encoder
Using Expression Blend to Create User Interfaces
Using Expression Blend
Installing Expression Blend
Using Expression Design
Installing Expression Design
Debugging with Visual Studio Pro
Getting Started with Visual Studio Pro
Introduction to Silverlight Tools and XAML
Walking Through the Example Projects
Using Silverlight Pad
Compelling Silverlight Examples
Installing Silverlight on a Mac
Installing Silverlight on a Windows Machine
Understanding the Various Versions
What is Silverlight?
Using the Exercise Files
Connecting Duration and Position Text
Adding a Download Progress Indicator
Organizing XAML Assets
Updating Silverlight
Creating Drag-and-Drop Functionality
Creating Animations in a Timer Loop
Resizing the Application
Introduction to the Gravity Simulator
Adding Full-Screen Video Playback
Implementing Playback Progress Indicators
Implementing Audio Controls
Implementing Basic Playback Controls
Creating a Media Player
Introduction to Media Players
Working with Media and Images in JavaScript
Working with Media and Images in XAML
Understanding Media and Images in XAML
Understanding the XAML Workflow Between Tools
Creating a Button
Mouse Functionality in Silverlight
Understanding Mouse Input
Using Custom Fonts in Silverlight
Packaging in Silverlight
Using a Downloader
Downloading in JavaScript
Using Create from XAML
Understanding Create from XAML