Someone recently pointed me to a forum post where I was being “attacked” about my blog.

Working with the public has some rewards, but there are allot of simply nasty people to deal with 🙂

Normally I don’t even respond to a post by someone who wants to be insulting while hiding behind the anonymity of a profile with no name and a gmail address.

(Especially one from a “member” who hasn’t contributed to the community enough to break 100 member points.)

But since it’s now “out there” recorded for permanent posterity, I’ll explain and ask YOU.

Unlike some of my peers, much of my job is behind the scenes. This morning, for example, I spend 5 hours replying to email from both customers, and internal Microsoft people with needs, requests, questions, etc.

Part of my role is to stay on top of and understand the “state of the industry”, and very often I blog “news items” that I think are important for developer to be aware of.

Many folks tell me that these “quickies” are useful to them as they might not have otherwise been aware of the item.

We have lots of bloggers who do good “tutorials”, and some of the most popular technical blogs have included LOTS of news items (like Robert Scoble’s when he was at Microsoft)

For tutorial work I prefer to do videos, they seem popular (I’ve probably had nearly 10 million downloads)

There are only 100 hours in a week.

So my friends, how would YOU like be to spend my time.

  1. Delete my blog spend all my time on videos ?
  2. Delete my blog and write sample code?
  3. Blog long tutorials when ever I can find time and forget the news stuff ?
  4. Do whatever I want ?

So, if you were my boss, what would you have me do with my time that is most valuable for the Microsoft Developer Community ???

Please feel free to email me directly if you don’t want to post –