I’ve added 150 new bloggers to the ASP.NET community since yesterday morning and many folks have asked me how to set up Windows LiverWriter to work with their new blog.

First, go to the “Get Live” site and click on the “Get it Free’ button.

When you see this dialog – click RUN.

Then, click run AGAIN !

Then Accept this 🙂

Choose the “Live” features that you want to install INCLUDING Writer !

Installation start automatically after you click “Add to Installation”

Choose “I already have a weblog set up” and click NEXT

Select “Another weblog service” and click NEXT.

Enter your weblog URL (the one I mailed to you) and your www.asp.net username and password.

Then click NEXT

Set the weblog type to “Community Server”

Set the remote posting URL to http://weblogs.asp.net/metablog.ashx

Click yes to test if you like – sometimes this fails, but it’s no big deal.

Seta name for Liver Writer to use for your blog.

This is especially useful if you keep multiple blogs.

Write a test blog and click on “Publish”

POOF ! You are now ready to share your genius with the whole ASP.NET Community !!