We just announced the availability of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 3.0, which include new features making it easy to take advantage of Windows Azure scalability.

This announcement is the showcases the www.hotelpeeps.com case study, a Facebook application powered by PHP on Windows Azure and to highlight code contribution to the SDK by the community.

Along with the SDK announcement, we also released a new PHP sample application called the “Deal of the Day”, showing how PHP developers can build scalable application on Windows Azure, with the new features included in the new SDK for PHP version 3.0.

We’ve also deployed a live version of the “Deal of The Day” on Windows Azure, to let developers test it for real and get a chance to win actual fun prizes (sweepstake eligibility valid only in the US).


1. There is a new version of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP v3 , with major new features enabling to easily to take advantage of Windows Azure scalability.

2. Experts from the PHP community are building real world scalable applications on Windows Azure and are contributing back to the Windows Azure SDK for PHP open source project

3. We released a  “how-to scale on Windows Azure with PHP” series and a sample application “Deal of The Day”, deployed on Windows Azure as a sweepstakes (prizes eligibility valid only in the US)

4. Windows Azure is an open and interoperable platform, and offers choices to developers by allowing use multiples languages (.NET, PHP, Java) and development tools (Visual Studio or Eclipse)


· What’s new in the SDK 3.0

The most notable enhancement with version 3.0 is the new Service Management API, which gives PHP developers simple way to pilot how and when application should scale. See also the list of new features announced with the Beta: http://blog.maartenballiauw.be/post/2011/04/21/Windows-Azure-SDK-for-PHP-v3-0-0-BETA-released.aspx

· Do you need the Windows Azure SDK for PHP to run PHP on Windows Azure?

The Windows Azure SDK for PHP is not required to run PHP on Windows Azure, but it simplifies considerably to work to make web applications take advantage of Windows Azure cloud oriented features. The SDK for PHP provides speed dial to these features, which are available through APIs (using REST protocol for the most part)

· Is the “Deal of the Day” sample application a blueprint for building scalable application with PHP on Windows Azure?

No, “DotD” is a sample application meant to teach the fundamental options available to developers to build scalable applications. It is not a complete blueprint. Microsoft will continue to publish additional samples and guidance to help developer pick the right architecture.

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