The last week of the year is always a quiet one. Most people take holiday but most years I prefer to use the relative quiet time to catch up, reflect on the last year and think about what I want to accomplish in the year to come.

2012 has been a great, stressful, fun, frustrating educational year. Having started at Mozilla in late 2011 after spending 10 years at Microsoft, Mozilla has been an adjustment. Mozilla has nearly doubled it’s employee compliment since I started. The ethos of the organization has morphed from a primary focus on the browser to building FirefoxOS, an HTML5 phone operating system and the accompanying apps platform and marketplace.

I did a lot of coaching, business, strategy stuff this year and not as much technical work as I normally have done in my developer community work.

Though I don’t make “New Year’s Resolutions” I do have a to-do list of work items that I want to focus on this year.

  • Start doing How-Do-I videos again. (HTML5 & PHP) 
  • Blog at least once a week.
  • Start sharing all my code on GitHib.
  • Conference Talks (I only did a few this year).
  • Contribute to at least one Open Source Project
  • Embrace the Cloud (starting with moving my blog to a could host).
  • Renew my interest in iOS and write my first native  iOS app.
  • Organize my social media presence (separate my work and my personal identities)

Technically over the last year I focused almost exclusively on the client which is funny because I’ve always been a “server side” guy. In 2013 I plan to divide my focus between client technologies and the server interaction patterns that make for great app experiences.

First up – a two day camp on migrating apps to FIrefoxOS.

What do you plan to focus on differently in 2013?