Rory and (Robert) Scoble are at war.

In my time at Microsoft I’ve gotten to know both of them. I “lovingly” tell you they’re both egomaniacs (as am I!)

Rory and I have have found much to argue about. I think because we are so different, but many mutual acquaintances say it’s because we are alike apart from the decades that separate us in age.

Scoble has taken to bashing Microsoft these days and Rory is taking him to the woodshed for it. Robert, your opinions have made you famous, but when some one with comparatively little business experience (and I don’t mean that as an insult, but even using my own experiences as a comparative benchmark, I believe this is accurate), leaves a company and them makes a big deal about what a mess your “old” company is and how you have the answers…….

Well, it reads like pure sensationalism intended only to place your non-profitable company on the media coattails of your former employer.

Robert deserves credit for his accomplishments while at Microsoft, but his contentions about “discoveries” are, shall I say, “creative writing”, many of us were doing what he takes credit for inventing back then. He just had the luxury of getting allot of funding. Would likely have a very small fraction of it’s readership had he not had the luxury of Microsoft’s budget and properties to promote it, and in my opinion, declines steadily in relevance since his departure from Microsoft.

While Rory (tung in cheek) refers to himself as the Smartest Man on the Planet, he doesn’t take himself so seriously. In fact, Rory doesn’t misrepresent himself as a business guru.

In the years that I’ve known him, I’ve often found Rory to be infuriating, but I have always found him to be honest.

Rory’s work on C9 is comedy, documentary, entertainment, news even.

I personally appreciate Rory’s humility in the grand scheme of things relative to Microsoft and the world of Technical Business.

I also admire him for taking pride in the company that has given him opportunities and for taking issue with Roberts insults.

I think Robert could bite the hand the fed him with a little more grace, whatever we aren’t perfect at, nobody was listening to Scoble until Microsoft took him public.