Last week at MIX, the RIA Services team is put out two releases:

1. WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP2 Preview (April 2011)

a. As a standalone download; also included with the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools chainer.

b. Preview quality – does not include Go Live support

c. The existing SP1 installation will remain available as well

d. Includes:

     i. Changes to work with SL5  / SL5 tools

    ii. DateTimeOffset is now a supported type

   iii. Client/session id can be added to a server request for per-client trace/tracking

2. WCF RIA Services Toolkit (April 2011)

a. Works with either SP1 or SP2

b. Replaces the December 2010 edition of the Toolkit

i. Note that the May 2010 edition stays online, as it’s based on V1.0 RTM (pre-SP1)

c. Includes:

     i. jQuery Client (RIA/JS)  Requires SP2 Preview

    ii. ViewModel Updates

   iii. T4 CodeGen Updates

NuGet Packages

For MIX, the RIA Services team also introduced NuGet packages for some of our Toolkit components.

The NuGet packages serve as an alternative to the Toolkit MSI, allowing developers to reference specific components directly into a solution, rather than installing the MSI on their machine.

1. RIAServices.WindowsAzure – Includes the Windows Azure Table Storage DomainService

2. RIAServices.ViewModel – Includes the Silverlight ViewModel features

3. RIAServices.T4 – Code Generation using T4

4. RIAServices.Endpoints – References and configures the SOAP and JSON endpoints

5. RIAServices.jQuery – Includes all of the script files for the jQuery client, and enables the “transmitMetadata” option on the JSON endpoint

6. RIAServices.Toolkit.All – Adds all of the above packages to your project

Note, there are a couple of Toolkit components that don’t have NuGet packages:

1. LinqToSql DomainService – because it requires a Registry key to integrate with the Domain Service Wizard

2. ASP.NET DomainDataSource / DomainValidator – coming in the near future.


The JavaScript files used by the jQuery client will be published on  We also have a sample application entitled Big Shelf that will also be available on CodePlex.

Get all the details at